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Pesticides are undermining our children’s health and intelligence

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From the PANNA report, Generation in Jeopardy, 2012:

  • Compelling evidence now links pesticide exposures with harms to the structure and functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Neurotoxic pesticides are clearly implicated as contributors to the rising rates of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, widespread declines in IQ and other measures of cognitive function.

  • Pesticide exposure contributes to a number of increasingly common health outcomes for children, including cancer, birth defects and early puberty.

Evidence of links to certain childhood cancers is particularly strong.

  • Emerging science suggests that pesticides may be important contributors to the current epidemic of childhood asthma, obesity and diabetes.
  • Extremely low levels of pesticide exposure can cause significant health harms, particularly during pregnancy and early childhood.


These conclusions are supported by at least thirty scientific reports.

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