Other Living Critters

honey beesweb of life salmonThis will be short: I’ve written before on effects of environmental toxic chemicals on various living creatures other than humans. Other living creatures are rather important you know: bees pollinate about one half of fruit and vegetable crops; fish provide omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids; crustaceans and other aquatic insects are food for fish.

Perhaps you’ve seen an article on bee colony collapse – whole bee colonies dying. Many research projects have identified major contributors to this problem, and to decimation of frog populations and baby salmon. The deadly agents are pesticides applied to crops, and runoff of water from agricultural fields and home lawns. Fortunately, if belatedly, the EPA finalized a settlement to restore no-spray buffer zones around waterways to protect salmon and steelhead from five toxic pesticides. The buffer zones apply to salmon habitat throughout California, Oregon and Washington.

We neglect the health of these species at our own peril.

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